About Me
Rasa Kluonius born in Lithuania

There is no art without madness and madness without art. But, there is indeed wisdom in this state, not just a raw instinct...

I was born across the Atlantic, in Lithuania, one of the three cold Baltic-Sea states.This small country, whose ancient language is most closely related to Sanskrit, declared independence in 1990 after enduring a history dominated by oppressive foreign occupations...I was raised in Vilnius, the capital and the heart of Lithuania's culture and artists' Bohemia. Baltic-Sea surf of the waves has flooded my heart for passion of life and art... I have worked in the graphic art industry for over fifteen years, while I started painting even before I took my first steps...

My education in art began at the first grade of the Art School for gifted children in 1972 and continued through at Lithuanian State Academy of Fine Arts, where I took five year’s degree in 1988.

Combining traditional and contemporary styles, adding very thick strokes into my canvases I create my own private interpretation of the outside world…combination of abstract and realism…

1988-2000 – Europe

2004 – group show at Landmark Arts Gallery in Chicago, IL

2005 – solo at Blueraven Gallery in Wauconda, IL

2005 – show at Gallery Munoz in the historic Village of Long Grove, IL

2005 – 2007 – at my own Gallery Art Studio R in Long Grove, IL

2007, 2009 – group shows at the Studio of Long Grove and Hilligoss Galleries on

Chicago’s Magnificent Mile, Chicago, IL

2010 – solo show at HilligossGallerie, Chicago, IL

2011 – Sunflower Collection show at Hilligoss Galleries, Chicago, IL
Rasa Kluonius biography

"Rasa dazzles the senses with masterful strokes of brilliant color and powerful texture...Her commitment and passion for her art made her number one in paintings sold in the Gallery..."